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She got ALL their autographs And headphones from #simoncowell #xfactor

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2-19-14: Dylan O'brien hugged mePhotobucket
"Drew was bummed bc you weren't here for Thanksgiving."-Wesley
"I like you"
 photo shoulder_zps939cfc4f.gif
 photo weslowkiss_zps93ab1a02.gif
 photo weskiss_zps46668282.gif  photo drewtongue_zpse6285f2b.gif  photo drewtselfie_zps20e356d2.gif  photo drewselfie_zpse3ae5653.gif  photo drewc_zps77744bec.gif  photo drewc2_zps34b94141.gif  photo drewc3_zps4ceb9afc.gif  photo drewsign2_zps021db824.gif

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